Monday, 3 February 2014

Girls will be girls will be princesses...

I really shouldn't do this: Ignore my blog for MONTHS then catch people on the hop with a quickfire succession of new posts (okay, this will be post number 2...). I'm amazed when I come back and still get views and comments (thank you so much!) Perhaps that's it. Perhaps I think, a-ha! They have not deserted me. I should write MORE! For a week or two...

Let me just down a can of Diet Coke and see what comes out!

(Which is incidentally, what is now happening).

Should I do an update? I feel I ought...

I've been dog-collaring. The business that I started a while ago (in a stop-start fashion) started to go quite well so it has been taking up time. Like a PROPER business! Yikes! That said, with the illness, then death of my father-in-law, things stuttered a bit but I'm starting to get back on track.  I'm in a bit of a vicious circle quandry at the moment of needing a website (expensive!), needing to get to dog and country shows (expensive!) and needing a heck of a lot of stock for both of the former (Expensive! Time-consuming! Busy, busy!)

So there's been that....

But there has also been the writing.  I'm really trying to get something going there too. I have two passions, in a professional sense - why can I not go for both? No reason. That's what I say!

So I've been writing lots. Exercises. Developing characters. Learning the mechanics of my favoured formats (Plays - radio and theatre) and have even committed to going to a BBC Writersroom/theatre-run workshop in April, followed by the Playwriting competition final  show that the theatre has just conducted.

I've also been trying to re-learn rules of grammar - as I'm sure you can tell from my not at all fast-and-loose writing style *cough*


And of course, I'm still a mum!  Babyzoid is now 4 years and 4 months and she's turned into a bit of a girly, truth be told.  I mean, she still likes running around with the various weapons that make up her own personal armory, but she plays with dolls now. And not just any dolls, some of them are Disney Princesses.  Ugh.

This has led to me deciding that the time is right for my girl to learn the concept of feminism, though my husband thinks I'm ridiculous for even trying at this age. I disagree, of course. You're never too young to start learning that gender should not hold you back in any way!

Me: Your favourite is Aurora? Really? As in the one that is wrapped in cotton wool then pretty much sleeps FOREVER and has to wait to be recued? By a MAN? THAT'S your favourite princess? 

BZ: Yes mummy. I want her pink dress!

Me: But what about Rapunzel? She hits whatsisname with a frying pan and has to save his bacon on more than one occasion. Do you not think that's AWESOME? And Merida! She runs around firing arrows at everyone and refuses to kiss any of the dirty, smelly boys!

BZ: Well yes mummy, I like them too. But I still want to dress up as Aurora. She has such pretty hair. Like me!  Do you think Nanna will make me a pink ball-gown?

Me: *sigh*

Yes, I'd be very worried about the lessons my daughter is learning from these old-fashioned meek, lovelorn princesses, if I didn't then hear my daughter enacting a really violent scrap between Aurora and Rapunzel, with Belle then telling them both to stop being naughty or they will have to go to their rooms! And when the Monster High dolls get involved, well... we have full on gang-wars.

So I think that my daughter will be just fine.  She might have suddenly started liking pink since she's made friends with some of the girlier girls at playschool (I'm seeing Heathers, further down the line...) But she's still very much the feisty, strong-willed little girl she has been all along.  After all, she stood up to mummy very forcefully regarding her favourite Disney Princess, didn't she?


  1. Ha ha! I am dreading the princess stage with my daughter (currently 2 and 4 months) and hope she resists it as long as possible. Mums of girls tell me it's inevitable and I guess it is, especially as you've mentioned, when they become friends with girly girls who are into pink princess stuff. Ah well, I guess one day they grow out of it like they do everything else though :-).

    Good to hear an update on what you've been doing. I'm impressed to hear about the writing and in awe of you fitting everything in - good for you! xx

    1. Thanks Mummy Zen! Not sure about fitting things in though - I haven't logged into the email account attached to this blog for a week so didn't realise I had comments ;)

      And phew! The girly thing is.... an experience. But then I'm sure that I had an equivalent phase when I was younger too - I must have :)

      I hope you are well :) xx

  2. As you know, my 17 year with special needs is forever stuck in the pink princess stage I think :) But it's not the worst that could happen. My eldest stopped wearing dresses at age 5 and refused to put one on again until she started going to discos...

    On the rest of your news, delighted that all is going well, but wondering if a website has to be so expensive? There seem to be lots of free providers out there and plenty of people who just use wordpress, including the charity that I work for?

    1. Not the worst that could happen... this is true! :) It's grown on me a bit and I do like Disney Rapunzel and her frying pan!

      I'm actually reassessing the website thing. I had an idea in my head of what I wanted, but the reality is that I can't afford it. But then the time needed for me to even get my head round Wordpress... I'm so rubbish! But I'm actually setting aside time now, so I'll get there. Thanks for the advice - you are 100% right! xx

  3. Don't worry. My girl was exactly the same and now I struggle to get her 9 year old fashion guru out of black!

    1. Hehe, black is fine by me - makes washing loads simpler! 36 and I haven't yet grown out of my black phase....:) x

  4. the caption goes so well with the post... my daughter too loves her princess



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