Monday, 7 October 2013

Review: Seagate STBV3000200 3TB Expansion USB 3.0 3.5 Inch Desktop Hard Drive - Black

It's been a while since I've done a review because, well, I'm a wee bit picky.  I will only review items what I can genuinely use or am excited about because I am a woman of very little time - and I know that most of my readers (especially the mummies) are time-pressed too.

So I was really chuffed to be offered the chance to review a hard-drive by Tesco Compare home insurance.  I'm also chuffed to be able to use the word chuffed, but there you have it! 

It arrived nice and promptly through the post, even if the postman did leave it in the garden by my car-tyre - but as I'm not reviewing the Royal Mail I'll move on...  

Just in case you're not sure what the devil this product actually is, it's an external storage drive for one's computer, laptop or tablet - as long as it has a USB port and uses Windows 7,8 or XP, you can use it (though check the product spec, of course).  It's kind of like having a secure outhouse in which you can store all the items you really need to keep safe.  A cyber-safety deposit box, if you will!

And if you've ever frozen in horror as your computer died and you lost all those photos you'd lovingly been taking and transferring onto your computer, like my preemie twins friend once did, then you'll understand the value of one of these.  There can be nothing worse than losing all your treasured memories in one fell blue-screen swoop - and funnily enough, I was just contemplating back-up options when I was offered this product to review.  

Now, we all know about cloud storage - and I'm all for it.  I have Dropbox and I LOVE it, but I don't want to keep paying monthly to extend my data allowance - and I did use up my quota some time ago.  So I would find myself transferring files out of my Dropbox and onto my laptop, nervously pushing out of my mind thoughts of said laptop dying on me.  And as I'm now a businesswoman and work at home mum, I have lots of documents and files I need backing up on a daily basis.  

So to the actual product:

If you look at the picture you will see that the box contains the drive itself and some cables.  I worried when I saw it all - but on closer inspection I found that actually you only need the drive, the USB cable and the lead with the British plug on it.  There are also other plug options which will be very handy when i become a global jet-setting business-woman extraordinaire (!) But seriously, it is so, so simple to set up.  I had a glance over the instructions but really, you just plug and go.  You receive the usual registration prompts and I had absolutely no difficulty in completing this process.  I had a scout around online and saw that some folk did have issues, but not me.  It was completely straight forward, as was transferring my files.  

Aesthetically, the drive is ideal in that it is sleek and unobtrusive.  I still have the box but it's so compact that I just tuck it under my desk when it is not in use.  I have used it several times over the weeks that I've had it, and it has been brilliant.  It also means that I can take my work out with me without having to take my laptop, assuming I'm going somewhere with a computer, of course!  And as I visit family oop north and have a car-full, this helps me out tremendously as I hate taking my laptop unless I absolutely have to.

I checked out the price on Amazon and it is really reasonable (and currently on offer with 36% off the RRP at the time of writing).  The star-rating collated from all the reviews currently stands at 4.5 out of 5 with many reviews being positive.  I will use it in conjunction with cloud storage, with the Seagate drive being my main system of file back-up.  

If you wish to check it out then copy and paste the item name from the blog title into Amazon.

*Disclosure: I was sent the product free of charge from Tesco Compare Home Insurance and was allowed to keep it.  I was not paid for the article and was asked to be honest in my review, which of course I would insist upon.  Therefore, as ever, all opinions are mine and written with integrity.


  1. What a useful thing to get to review! We really like ours for photo back-up and especially good when they don't take up too much space :-). xx

    1. Yes, it was! It's been really invaluable, Mummy Zen. I feel much peace of mind knowing my pics and docs are safe :) x

  2. I am happily using a Seagate portable drive which was given to me to review - but I could only use it when I bought my new laptop . It won't work with anything more than a couple of years old, which was very disappointing: I'd love one that I could use to store everything on - even the photos on my 1998 iMac :)

    1. Oh really? That's a real shame. Think my laptop is probably 2 or 3 years old and running Windows 7, so it works. Definitely would need to check the spec against the device you need to back up. What a shame about the older photos x



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